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24 Polyglot Experts Reveal 2 Most Useful Tips To Learn A New Language

January 2, 2019

Learning a new language is a TON of work. The process can be so overwhelming that you may not even know where to begin. But mastering another language can open up a lot of opportunities. You can communicate with more people, learn about other cultures... read more

End of the Journey

July 30, 2018

Language: Spanish Location: Salamanca Daily Schedule: 7:30—8:55am Breakfast          9:00—11:30am NO CLASS 12:00—1:00 pm GRADUATION CEREMONY 1:30—2:30pm   Free time 2:30—4:30pm  ... read more

Last Day of Class

July 25, 2018

Language: French Location: Nantes Daily Schedule: 8:15-9:00 AM (45min) Breakfast 9:00-9:20 AM (20min) Morning Assembly 9:30-12:30 AM (180min) Stamp Test (Group 1) / Downtown visit (Group 2) 12:30-1:20 PM (50min) Lunch + Afternoon Snack... read more

Spanish Guitar

July 25, 2018

Language: Spanish Location: Salamanca Daily Schedule: 7:30—8:30am Breakfast 8:30—8:55am Gathering at meeting points          9:00—9:20am Assembly 9:30—11:00am Class Block 1    11:... read more

Beijing: The End Draws Near

July 25, 2018

Language: Chinese Location: Beijing Daily Schedule: 8:00-8:25 Morning Surveys 8:30-9:20 Breakfast 9:30-10:20 Class Block 1 10:30-11:20 Class Block 2 11:30-12:20 Class Block 3 12:30-2:00 Chinese Table 2:00-5:30 Language... read more