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Summer Language Academies

Every year, the Language Academy convenes at prestigious liberal arts colleges across the United States and abroad at select locations. Students 8th-12th grades engage in four weeks of full-immersion language learning while in a safe, supportive environment with state-of-the-art facilities. Students take a Language Pledge® that requires them to communicate in their target language at all times. This is an essential part of the program that makes every moment a learning experience. The Academy creates a close community of friends, enhances language proficiency, encourages self-confidence and prepares students to become successful global citizens. Students gain an authentic college experience in the Green Mountains of Vermont at one two campuses in the US—Saint Michael's and Green Mountain College - and gain valuable life experiences abroad in China, Spain and upcoming Abroad location for our French Academy.  Visit site

Become a Global Citizen

Summer Language Academies are designed for 8th-12th grade students, from beginners to advanced language learners. Students take an adaptive assessment to measure their starting and ending proficiency levels. During the program, the curriculum provides customized can-do statements and performance tasks to gauge student performance on a daily basis. At the end of the program, students and parents receive a comprehensive academic report that details the student’s performance. During four weeks of intensive language study at the Academy, students gain tangible language skills and confidence communicating in language in real-life situations.  Visit site

Study Chinese Abroad in Beijing, China

The Language Academy will return to Beijing, China, for its third year in the summer of 2015. Steeped in the richness of the past and at the center of modern-day China, Beijing is an ideal location for studying Chinese while living abroad. Accelerate your Chinese language skills against the backdrop of Beijing’s ancient history. Explore the traditions of this bustling city, while visiting local historical sites and immersing yourself in as many aspects of Chinese culture as possible. Visit site

Study Spanish Abroad in Granada, Spain

The Language Academy will return to Spain where high school students will have the opportunity to live immersed in the Spanish language and culture of Granada during a unique four-week study abroad experience. Granada, frequently referred to as the Moorish jewel of Spain, is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the southern part of Andalusia. It is a vibrant city, featuring Moorish architecture and many Muslim influences, and is also considered to be one of the major intellectual centers of southern Spain. Granada is also a popular destination for historians, artists and tourists, as well as students studying abroad.Visit site

Study French Abroad in Québec City, Canada

Welcome to Québec City, one of North America’s oldest and most magnificent cities, and our new study abroad location for summer 2015. French Academy students will live immersed in Québécois culture, while enjoying the picturesque city with its cobblestone streets, 17th- and 18th-century architecture, soaring church spires, sidewalk cafes and the iconic Châteaux Frontenac. Visit site

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In college, you meet people from all over the world, and that's really been the experience here. I've found a lot of great friends.
- French Academy Student