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Live a Language

Learning a language is a window to the world and the key to living, participating and competing in a global society. Middlebury Interactive offers students a summer of cultural and linguistic exploration in the U.S. and abroad—participants make a remarkable transformation and become true global citizens during the four-week summer language program. The Language Academy was developed for middle and high school students, from beginners to advanced learners.

The Academy is based on Middlebury College's Language School's long-standing tradition of immersive education, the gold standard in language learning for almost a century. Participants take the Middlebury Language Pledge® which inspires them to communicate in their target language at all times. Language instructors at the Academy are trained extensively on Middlebury's immersion method and support individual learning styles. The Academy is a unique and enriching life experience that prepares students for a globally connected 21st Century.

4-Week Residential Academy

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Grades 8-12

Middlebury Interactive offers immersion courses in the summer for students in grades 8-12 on three liberal arts college campuses across the nation. Students take part in small classes, creative projects, sports and live performances—all in the language of their choice. The age-appropriate curriculum of the four-week summer Language Academy is based on Middlebury Language School's long-standing tradition of immersion education. Visit site