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What's included with Middlebury Interactive’s language learning school solution?

Middlebury Interactive offers a comprehensive world language course and English Language Learner curricuum solutions for schools and districts, including:

Online Courses

We provide a learning continuum from 3rd to 12th grade in Spanish, French, German and Chinese and provide multiple levels and paths. We also offer courses for kindergarten through second grade courses in Spanish, French and Chinese.

Professional Development

We bring Middlebury College’s world language immersion pedagogy and teaching methodology to schools and districts to dramatically improve world language teaching and learning through our expansive professional development offerings.

Instructional Services

Our state-certified virtual teachers enable you to expand your world language offerings by providing full service online instruction.

Implementation Services

Working closing with school personnel, our Client Service Managers ensure success by establishing and regularly monitoring program goals and measurable outcomes.

Client Support

Students, parents, teachers and school staff have ready access to general and technical support assistance though our online support center, support phone line and email.

Will Middlebury Interactive courses run on my computer?

Click Here to view our System Requirements

How much will Middlebury Interactive cost for my district or school?

Our language learning solutions are flexible and customizable to fit within your school’s budget. Costs will vary based on the specific needs of your world language solution—including number of students served, language offerings and additional instructional services required. Our Account Managers will work closely with you on available pricing options to meet your program needs.

What languages and levels do you offer?

We offer courses in Spanish, French, Chinese and German for students in elementary, middle and high school. Course levels range from introductory through Advanced Placement®.

Are Middlebury Interactive courses credit-bearing?

No, however, students can and should discuss with their school counselor/mentor the options of receiving placement consideration and or/credit from their school if they successfully complete the courses.

Middlebury Interactive Languages takes pride in the academic rigor and integrity of our courses, instruction and professional development offerings. To ensure that we maintain—and continually improve on—this level of academic excellence, we align our courses with the standards of the leading world language and digital learning organizations (ACTFL and iNACOL).

We also strive to align our courses with the state standards in the states we serve, as well as federal Common Core standards. Additionally, we are working with Johns Hopkins University to conduct a third-party assessment on the efficacy of our instructional materials and approach.

Does Middlebury Interactive provide language teachers?

Yes. Our virtual language instructors are state-certified experts in language education. They ensure success by encouraging students to build language proficiency through core lessons, cultural studies and interpersonal communication. Our teachers are also experts in maximizing interactive classroom environments to encourage active learning, participation, collaboration and student growth.

Where can I get help using Middlebury Interactive in my classroom?

Our extensive professional services team consisting of trainers, implementation managers, enrollment specialists and technical support agents are here to help. Email support@middleburyinteractive.com or call 800-596-0910 and we will respond immediately during business hours.

How long does it take to complete a Middlebury Interactive course?

Our courses are semester-based; each semester consisting of 18 weeks (90 days) of content. Pacing and completion will depend upon the teachers’ and students’ objectives. If a teacher chooses to use our course to supplement to their existing curriculum, then students will progress at varied rates focusing on activities selected by the teacher. If a teacher or school uses our course exclusively for their world language requirement, then students will progress sequentially through the course, perhaps using it daily in a lab setting, rotation model, after school program or in-home use.

How can I get more information about your school solutions?

  • World Language School Solutions
  • ELL School Solutions

Are you planning to add new languages or levels?

We are continually working to improve our curriculum and expand into more languages and levels. We’re interested in your language requests, so please feel free to send us an email at support@middleburyinteractive.com.

Are your online courses available for purchase by parents?

Middlebury Interactive courses are available for purchase by parents at shop.middleburyinteractive.com.

What are your Terms of Use?

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