Elevate Your Summer with Language Immersion

Looking for a life–changing summer experience? Fill out the form to learn more about the Summer Language Academies!

We offer one month of language and cultural immersion in Spanish, French, Chinese, German, and Arabic.

What makes Middlebury Interactive Languages Summer Academy above the rest? Our student, faculty, and staff's commitment to the Language Pledge®—a pledge to speak in the target langauge for the duration of the program, with no English.

  • We offer world class language education, based on Middlebury College's renowned language immersion pedagogy, from highly qualified langauge teachers.
  • Immersion for 8th grade to 12th grade recentely graduated students who are ready to make strides in language acquisition.
  • A life-changing experience on a college campus in Vermont or at one of our international study abroad sites in Spain, France, or China.
  • Come out of the experience with improved langauge skills and lifelong friends.

Apply now or contact the Summer Language Academies directly at academies@MiddleburyInteractive.com / 888-216-0135.