Digital Homeschool Language Curriculum Overview

Immersive K-12 world language courses in Spanish, French, Chinese and German start students on a path to bilingualism in a supportive, online environment.

Did you know that learning a world language has a host of benefits for children, including enhanced creativity and empathy, as well as improved critical thinking, multitasking and communication skills? Research also shows that second language learning can lead to intellectual growth and an expanded worldview.

Inspire your child to learn Spanish, French, Chinese or German through Middlebury Interactive’s engaging digital language courses for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Developed by Ph.D.-level academics and language experts, our curriculum is a favorite among homeschool families, and has been recognized as a top choice in world language education from and The Old Schoolhouse.

Courses are designed at grade level and feature age-appropriate themes to engage students of all ages. Animated stories, songs, games and task-based activities engage students. Videos featuring native speakers in contextual, real-life settings encourage students to use visual cues to understand the language. Many activities provide instant feedback, allowing for personalized guidance and evaluation.

These immersive exercises help students gain tangible language skills, while teaching cultural awareness.

Courses can be taken as self-paced, independent study or with the guidance of a certified virtual world language teacher to meet the needs of all homeschool families.

Start your child on a path to bilingualism with Middlebury Interactive’s digital world language courses.

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