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World Languages

Middlebury Interactive's digital world language courses in Spanish, French, Chinese and German use authentic cultural materials and videos with native speakers to teach language and culture simultaneously. Task-based activities, age-appropriate stories and interactive games engage students in their learning, while helping them develop and refine their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills in their target language.

Spanish Fluency Course Example

Spanish Language Courses

Digital Spanish language courses can be taken fully online, in a blending learning environment or as supplemental curriculum.

French Language Course Example

French Language Courses

Digital French courses accommodate different language learning objectives and allow students to go at their own pace.

Chinese Language Course Example

Chinese Language Courses

Digital Chinese language courses immerse students in language and culture and feature flexible implementation options.

German Language Course Example

German Language Courses

Digital German language courses use authentic cultural materials and task-based activities to engage students in their learning.