Professional Development

Comprehensive professional development is a core component for all Middlebury Interactive Languages programs.

At Middlebury Interactive, we believe that teachers are our most important partners. Successful implementations rely on collaborative efforts by districts, schools and the Middlebury Interactive team. Building this partnership is a central focus of the professional development and support we provide. Professional development for our world language courses is customized to address varying implementation models—fully online, blended, traditional classroom—as well as student learning goals.

Our team of experts works closely with school and district personnel to customize training plans and align them to implementation goals. Connecting teacher learning with student results is central to our professional development programs. The Middlebury Interactive professional development program:

  • Ensures alignment to implementation needs and goals for developing language proficiency.
  • Provides flexibility in delivery options to meet varying needs of schools and teachers.
  • Develops teacher capacity by leveraging Middlebury College’s Language’s Schools immersive approach.
  • Encourages and supports ongoing professional development and training.

Building a Program That Meets Your Needs

Our professional development offerings provide a blend of onsite or virtual sessions, recorded tutorials, web-based tools and resources, community support and targeted coaching and mentoring—all focused on building teacher capacity and increasing language proficiency. We implement a three-step process:

1. Getting Started:

  • Implementation Planning
  • Readiness Training
  • Program Setup and Launch

2. Ensuring Success:

  • Program Reviews
  • Implementation Improvements
  • Ongoing Professional Development

3. Maximizing Achievement:

  • Online Community Support
  • Web-based Resources
  • Program Review and Evaluation

In addition, gain access to Middlebury Interactive’s Professional Development Website and Technical Help Desk.