What Homeschool Parents Say

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“This program is great! It teaches through repetition and immersion, using stories, songs and simple computer activities. It is interesting for my son, and we’re learning the basics of speaking Spanish and the Spanish culture together. I definitely plan to look into this program for high school to meet foreign language requirements when that time comes.”

“Our daughter enjoyed that the program is interactive, and since she is also a person of routine, the consistency in the way all units are set up similarly is a great feature.”

“We had so much fun learning more Mandarin Chinese these past few weeks. I can definitely see how my children will continue to learn it, because we found an awesome curriculum. I also love how they tie into every lesson a video and a follow-up activity relating to Chinese culture. All of the lessons are fun, engaging, interactive, thorough and of excellent quality. Most importantly, I can tell that my children are learning and that is invaluable to me. I highly recommend Middlebury Interactive Languages (Elementary Chinese 1). We look forward to using this regularly as we are right now.”