Two High School Students at Laptop Computer

Audura, Highschool Homeschool Mom

“High School Spanish I focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to bring a whole language type learning experience. The students build vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure knowledge, participate in simple conversations, and take various assessments throughout to track their own progress. They learn about the cultures as they are introduced to various Spanish speaking countries and communities along with learning about their history, educational system, customs, places, music, food, literature, and more.

“The program uses the immersion approach and is designed to be interactive through the use of video, audio, images and text. 

“Middlebury Interactive Languages is easy to get set up, and then the student can log in and work at their own pace. My daughter prefers going in to the Table of Contents to navigate through her lessons. She studies the vocabulary, spelling and the use of the accent marks. The program gives you a file to print on how to type the accents on the keyboard.

“The program is pretty solid with having her learn the language as well as USE the language along the way. She’s enjoyed both learning the language and learning about the cultures of different places.

“The program seems to be well rounded and rich in learning opportunity. From clicking through it, there is a lot of learning that takes place, and I feel it is a pretty solid Spanish course. Overall, my daughter likes the program, and feels it lays a strong foundation for Spanish.”

Audura Highschool Homeschool Mom