Leveraging Language to Implement Common Core Standards

Brandi, Homeschool Mom

“My daughter and I are thoroughly enjoying this German course. My daughter says it's one of her favorite products that we've reviewed over the years. We typically do one lesson per day four times per week. (The standard pace for the elementary course is 2-3 days per week.) Lessons don't take that long, about 15-20 minutes at the most. We've just started Unit 4 and are looking forward to the rest of this course!

“I like that it is self-paced and easy to use. Truly, my daughter could do the program all by herself no problem, but I like learning German, too!

“We both love listening to and watching the video stories read aloud in German. It's so neat being able to hear what the language sounds like as a whole instead of only in parts. Though we can't understand most of what's being read, vocabulary words from the lesson appear in the story. After you learn the new words, you get to listen to the story again. Later on, you will even have a chance to print the story in German with an English translation beside it.

“It's also nice that we are able to print vocabulary words and other phrases we learn throughout the lessons. We keep the pages in a folder for easy reference. They are great to have handy for review, too. Know that you can always go back to a lesson and listen to it again if you want to.”


Brandi Homeschool Mom