World Language Course Offerings Overview

Watch this video for a quick tour of our digital world language courses for K-12 students.

Middlebury Interactive’s digital world language courses—from kindergarten through high school and Advanced Placement®—utilize Middlebury College’s proven language pedagogy and teaching methodology. Courses are designed at grade level and use interactive media, including animated stories, task-based activities and videos featuring native speakers to take world language learners beyond the classroom setting. These immersive exercises help students acquire tangible language skills and accelerate learning, while teaching cultural awareness.

Courses utilize leading-edge technology, are flexible, and can be delivered fully online, in a blended learning environment or as supplemental curriculum. Many activities provide instant feedback, and proficiency-based activities allow for personalized guidance and evaluation. All courses align with the national standards developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Middlebury Interactive’s world language course solutions prepare students for college and beyond in a globally connected 21st century marketplace.