Elementary School Language Courses

Watch this video for a quick tour of our digital world language courses for elementary school students.

Middlebury Interactive’s digital world language courses offer students in elementary, middle and high school the opportunity to learn and immerse themselves in language and culture in an interactive, engaging environment.

Middlebury Interactive’s elementary courses provide an introductory foundation for young learners’ first exposure to language learning. A thematically organized curriculum features authentic literature, fables, myths and legends. Interactive exercises introduce basic expressions and help develop vocabulary.

Students' primary focus is on listening and speaking, accompanied by opportunities to practice what they've learned in familiar settings. Stories, games and songs create a fun and friendly learning environment where students can explore meanings and begin to express themselves. With an introduction to reading and writing, students become prepared for continued language learning.

Middlebury Interactive’s elementary language courses provide students with their first exposure to language and culture. The engaging course environment helps foster cultural appreciation and positively contributes to students’ performance in core subjects. This initial exposure to language builds the foundation for future language study and lifelong learning.

WL Course Offerings