Webinar: Ending the ELL Fire Drill

How technology and proven language pedagogy prepare students for success.

ELL is the fastest growing student population in the United States with an estimated 4.6 million English Language Learners in public schools, representing nine percent of the public school student population. The majority of ELLs, both in elementary and secondary schools, are native-born U.S. citizens.

In this webinar presentation from Middlebury Interactive Languages, you will hear ELL experts and linguists—along with school administrators—discuss how to create a flexible ELL program that employs the latest technologies, enhanced teacher training and research-based language learning methods.

During the one-hour, pre-recorded presentation, you will learn:

  • Why the growing ELL population presents both challenges and opportunities for our schools.
  • How digital learning instruction can help create a flexible and modular program structure.
  • Why programs that value two-way cultural understanding is critical for ELLs to succeed.
  • How research-based world language instruction principles (like task-based learning) can be applied to ELLs.
  • The importance of instruction targeted specifically to the students’ grade levels.