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Middle School Language Courses

Beginning language study in middle school, or even earlier, and providing a continuous sequence of instruction is optimal to successful language acquisition. Equally important, providing middle school students with a rich language experience expands their worldview and provides a foundation for advanced language study and lifelong learning. Whether schools and districts choose to offer a world language rotation or full courses, students will benefit by acquiring solid language skills that connect to other disciplines and increase overall academic success.

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Middle School Courses, Grades 6-8

Middle school courses are grounded in the development and integration of the four key language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are introduced to vocabulary themes, grammar concepts, sentence structure and culture through explicit instruction, guided learning and adaptive pacing. Opportunities to apply language in common situations along with highly interactive activities are designed to reinforce skills in differing contexts and build foundational language knowledge. The use of authentic materials helps build student confidence and comfort in the target language. A full year of middle school courses consist of 18 units with five lessons in each unit. Buy middle school language courses online

I love it because it introduces me to different things. Learning and knowing Chinese is really a gift.
- Chinese Academy Student