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Middle School Language Courses

Middlebury Interactive Language's digital world language courses for middle school students teach tangible language skills through task-based activities and interactive exercises. Developed by academics exclusively for middle school students, courses feature age-appropriate content and authentic materials that teach culture in addition to language skills.

  • Spanish Language Courses for Middle School
  • French Language Courses for Middle School
  • Chinese Language Courses for Middle School
  • German Language Courses for Middle School

Middle School Language Courses for Grades 6-8:

  • Are grounded in the development and integration of the four key language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Introduce students to vocabulary themes, grammar concepts, sentence structure and culture through explicit instruction, guided learning and adaptive pacing
  • Reinforce real-world communication skills, allowing students to apply language in common situations
  • Feature highly interactive activities that reinforce skills in differing contexts and foundational language knowledge
  • Utilize authentic materials, which build student confidence and comfort in the target language
  • A full year of middle school courses consists of 18 units with five lessons in each unit

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The Middlebury Interactive language program has been a wonderful way to challenge kids, give them a choice, and provide them with the skills for the future—something we're not always able to offer in a traditional learning environment.
- Julie Esparza, West Aurora School District