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Blended Learning

Today's schools are embracing blended learning environments where technology and teaching inform instruction—leading to increased student engagement and academic success. Combining classroom and virtual instruction optimizes learning. Teachers are equipped with significant resources to maximize planning and instructional time and differentiate instruction to accommodate varying proficiency levels. Students assume greater ownership and responsibility for their own language development and progress at the pace and level appropriate to their needs.

Since blended learning means something different to each district or school, Middlebury Interactive provides flexible solutions. We can deliver a blended solution that seamlessly fits popular models or provide a customized one. Our state-certified virtual teachers are also available to support instruction as needed.

Language Labs

Students complete courses in the school's language lab with the assistance of lab mentor or teacher.


Teachers use our courses as primary or supplemental curriculum and leverage in-class rotations and student grouping.

Extended Day or Summer School

Schools expand their world language program with support from parents, paraprofessionals or world language teachers.

Independent Study

Students complete self-study of a Middlebury Interactive course onsite or at home with a virtual language teacher.

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We've grown from forty to four-hundred kids in the program—the courses introduce more languages with new, engaging, fun and interactive ways to learn.
- Allyson Hudnall
Provo School District