While it’s still too far ahead for anyone to be packing for your fabulous summer at MMLA, here’s a few packing tips for whenever you start

March 17, 2014

Five things I Wish I Packed But Didn’t:

1) A FAN! As a girl in the South, I thought that the further North you go, the colder it gets. I was wrong. So very wrong. Vermont is HOT in the summer. I can only imagine what the other campuses are like! I had to write my mom to send me one halfway through the session.

2) A watch. Obviously. It’s important to get to class on time, and get up in the morning.

3) Rainboots. Essential in the rain. I didn’t really know so much about the weather where I was going, but I should have looked it up. It actually rained quite a lot.

4) Hangers for my closet (luckily, my roommate brought plenty)

5) Snacks for the dorm. We were very well fed at GMC (as a vegetarian, I thought that I would be eating salad 24/7, but they had some of the best food I’ve ever had.), sometimes you just get hungry between classes or late at night. And it’s always fun to have food parties with your friends during dorm meetings. Sundays, we would go into town and stock up on food for the dorm for the next week.

Five Packing Tips for Four Weeks at a College Campus

1. Pack a little more than you think you’ll need. With all the activities and time with your friends, you’ll really only get to do laundry about once a week (my day was Sunday). Also, bring some Fourth of July accessories. Everyone gets really festive for the holiday.

2. Pack for the weather. I know that this sounds kind of silly, but check what the weather is normally like at your campus. I thought it was going to be cool, but it was only chilly one day. And it was raining. Needless to say, I was disappointed in my clothing options. AND BRING SUNGLASSES.

3. Pack sneakers. If you’re not very sport-oriented (like myself) and didn’t see yourself doing a whole lotta sports, you wouldn’t think to pack a pair. But you’ll need them for those Saturday afternoon capture-the-flag games and badminton culture classes.

4. Bring some spending money. Each Academy went to Middlebury and Church Street while at camp, and there’s an on-campus store by the cafeteria. Having a little spending money for these times will come in handy, especially when stocking up on Middlebury gear.

5. Bring at least one nice outfit. Everyone gets all dressed up to sign the language pledge (as a beginner, I got to do it twice!), and it really makes the evening memorable. We also had one dressy dance.

I always think packing is the most exciting part of the time before you get to camp. I hope this helped you to start thinking about your summer!

Jasmine Hubara is junior in high school from Charleston, South Carolina. She is currently attending MMLA for Chinese, but also takes French and Spanish in school. This is her second year at Green Mountain College. Outside of school, she’s active in her synagogue youth and is busy with her senior thesis project and planning her future trip around the world (a girl can dream, right?).