Cooking in Language: Madeleine

By Barbara Sicot | April 24, 2014
Madeleine Recipe - Cooking in Language

Cooking is a fun way to learn new vocabulary, grammar and learn more about a culture through its food. The following is a family recipe for Madeleines, a traditional small French cake, that I hope you enjoy! Madeleine Recipe in French 2/3 tasse de... read more

Why the Vermont World Language Initiative Matters

By Lee McIsaac | April 21, 2014
The Vermont World Language Initiative

In 2013, Middlebury Interactive Languages joined forces with Middlebury College to create the Vermont World Language Initiative, which provides 29 Vermont schools with access to MIL courses and free professional development, subsidized by Middlebury... read more

Leveraging Language to Implement Common Core Standards

By Christina Johnston | April 10, 2014
Leveraging Language to Implement Common Core Standards

My “field” of inquiry is Weybridge Elementary School, a small rural K-6 school in Vermont located near the town of Middlebury. Five years ago we began a K-6 Spanish program. Two years ago we selected Middlebury Interactive Language’s online world language... read more