Granada: Flamenco and Field Trips

By | July 19, 2017

     Student council began this Tuesday morning with a breakfast meeting to discuss our final three days left and suggestions for next summer. During class time, I went with Julia's class to a street nearby called Calle de la Calderería... read more

Students Eat at Beijing Duck Restaurant, Paint, and More!

By | July 19, 2017

  Ash R: I suppose that it’s just my luck to write about what feels like the most relaxed day we’ve had among the usually activity-packed days here in Beijing. But hey, relaxed isn’t a bad thing--and it doesn’t mean that we’re not learning... read more

Granada: Week 4 Water Party

By | July 18, 2017

   Students spent their last Monday morning here going to Spanish classes, taking the STAMP Spanish assessment, and checking in individually with their language teachers about their progress in class.  After lunch, Alba’s group... read more