We Danced the Night Away

Students from German, Arabic and Spanish Academies attend celebrations

July 10, 2016

The energy level at Green Mountain College was at an all time high tonight, as German, Arabic and Spanish students all enjoyed Academy specific celebrations! 

The German Academy celebrated Fasching (Karneval) which consisted of a limbo competition, lots of music and dancing, a costume contest and, of course, food. In Germany Fasching is comparable to a Mardi Gras celebration with a huge parade in which people dress up in colorful costumes and sacrifice endless hours in order to create magnificent floats. Although the Summer Academy did not hold a parade, our Fasching party definitely emulated the popular celebration and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Both the Arabic and Spanish students enjoyed dances in which they were actually permitted to speak English for two hours. Although the Language Pledge® was lifted, many students continued to speak in their target language since English feels quite unnatural at this point!

Spanish students at the dance