E-rate Modernization

A Watershed Moment in Education History

The Federal Communications Commission has approved the E-rate Modernization plan that will provide Internet connectivity in U.S. schools

July 14, 2014

A great article on the E-rate Modernization plan approval can be found at Bloomberg Tech News courtesy of Chris Strohm:

The Federal Communications Commission approved a plan to spend $2 billion to boost wireless Internet connectivity in U.S. schools and libraries during the next two years.

“We’re at a watershed moment,” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said during a hearing in Washington today in which the panel voted 3-2 to approve the plan he proposed in April. “Because of what we do today 10 million kids will be connected next year who otherwise wouldn’t. That’s a good days work.”

The move will phase out funding under a program known as E-rate for old technologies like pagers and dial-up phone service in order to subsidize broadband and wireless Internet connections in classrooms and libraries.

To read the full article, visit Bloomberg Tech News

Jane Swift
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