Un, deux, trois, QUEBEC!

Classes, clubs, culture and more at the French Academy in Quebec City!

June 28, 2016

Students are in Québec City, and ready to speak and live French! After a restful night and a day of icebreaker activities with their Residential Educators (REs), our young francophiles officially jumped into their new adventure.

In a beautiful ceremony officiated by Feray Baskin, the Language Director, our students who were dressed to the nines, signed the long awaited Language Pledge®. They are now officially expected to speak French at all times, except when they make weekly phone calls home.

In addition to our intensive morning language classes, the Québec program offers immersive after-class activities such as newspaper, québécois music, sports and improv clubs led by our wonderfully energetic local team. Students found out if they got their first choices this afternoon.

Armed with bus and campus sports center passes, the 2016 student body is about to take on Québec and the wonderful opportunities it has to offer. We are so lucky to guide them on their journey.

Tomorrow we will visit the Museum of Civilisation, complimenting our historical theme this week.

Kareen Obydol-Alexandre, ALD, French teacher