Telenovelas, and Hieroglyphs, and Soccer - Oh my!

June 28, 2017

What can I say, it was another busy day here at SMC! Students in the Arabic and Spanish academies had a sunny, activity-filled day which tested their language skills both in and out of the classroom.

Here are some of the highlights:


  • Students wrote scripts to telenovelas which will be filmed and edited later this week
  • Students each chose a place, such as a city or landscape, that is special to them. They’re researching the place and will draw, paint, sculpt, or express their research in a project later this week.
  • Students researched the Mayans and will craft bookmarks with Mayan hieroglyphics later this week.


  • The culinary CE cooked their lentil soup dish after their adventure to the market yesterday.
  • Other CEs gathered to discuss (and make!) Arab music and practice their vocabulary.  

Today was also a perfect day for outdoor activities. Check out the photo gallery above for highlights from activity hour including soccer, frisbee, and chalk drawing.

After activity hour and dinner, Arabic students participated in a rather lively group study hall. There was not a table to be found without an open faced dictionary or note-filled paper.

For their evening activity, the Spanish Academy participated in team-building activities. Students had a choice between team songwriting, flag making, legend writing, and cheer/chant creating.

I would  like to note how impressed I am with the students' energy and enthusiasm. Their shyness around me (and my camera!) on Monday and Tuesday has blossomed into warm smiles and eagerness to get their photos taken today. They are fully embracing the rewards of new interactions with friends, RAs, teachers, and staff and attacking the challenge of the Language Pledge with determination and excitement.

So I’ll close by saying, kudos to you kids! You’re rocking your first few days at SMC.

I took about 100 photos of our lively students today, all of which couldn’t fit on this blog but please head on over to our Facebook page to view a complete album of today’s photos...CLICK HERE!