Students travel to the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Qianmen and More!

Here from Emilia, Sydney, and Sophie where students traveled this past weekend.

July 18, 2017


Emilia L:

你好!(Hello!) Life has been good here in Beijing. On Friday, my class learned about some of the special characteristics of how people in Beijing speak, as well as some of the churches and temples in China. That afternoon we had the opportunity to visit a Buddhist temple called Yonghegong. At the temple many students lit incense and we also saw the world’s biggest wooden Buddha. On Saturday, we first went to the Summer Palace. Although it was hot outside, we enjoyed the beautiful sites as we walked around and took peddle boats out onto the lake. On Sunday we visited the Temple of Heaven, where we saw lots of beautiful buildings as well as explored the many gardens. After leaving the Temple of Heaven we then went to the Pearl Market to do some shopping. We had lots of fun trying to bargain and get the lowest price possible. Today we went had classes again and we started learning about some of China’s traditions regarding food. This afternoon we went out to Qianmen and got to try some street food and see some of the oldest stores in Beijing. This weekend has been very fun and I am looking forward to all of the activities to come!


Sydney K:

This past weekend the MIL group took several adventurous exhibitions throughout Beijing. I think out of all the sightseeing and exploring my favorite spot had to be today’s journey to QianMen. As soon as we reached the street from the subway, the smell of food was overwhelmingly satisfying. There were hundreds of people walking around going in and out of several interesting shops. I also noticed they had a Starbucks right away so I had to make that my first destination. The Starbucks was WILD they had these tiny pancakes that they labeled ‘American style’, wicked strange.  After the fuel booster I began to explore, I saw lots of food markets and knick-knack shops. I bought a carrot pen which I thought was a hekin’ great purchase. I have a lot to say but I am super hungry and didn’t have dinner yet. I love you mom and dad say hi to Forest and the chickens and Tuck and Thistle <3 zaijian


Sophie H:

Yesterday we went to the Pearl Market which was luckily in an air-conditioned building. Your bargaining skills needed to be A1 to be able to buy something for a reasonable price. I bought some really cool earrings. Originally they were $100 but I was able to bargain them down to $45.  Today we went to Qianmen which sadly wasn’t in an air-conditioned building but had many cool stores and small snacks to try. The favorite thing I bought was bubble tea. Sadly we don’t have any nearby our dorm. Hopefully, we’ll have another chance to go back because I’d like to explore the area some more. Looking forward to tomorrow!