Segovia y Ávila, from the Salamanca Study Abroad Site

July 5, 2017

Last weekend we visited the beautiful city of Segovia and the old walled Ávila, Unesco Heritage Site since 1985.

We set off early in the morning to seize the day. When we got to the city, two tour guides were waiting for us under the great Roman aqueduct (pictures below!) ready to show us the city. We walked through the main street, calle real, up to the Alcazar, an old medieval castle.

On our way, we enjoyed some jota traditional dancing (Marina, our mentor, even dared to show us her skills!). From the mirador we saw and heard the story of the mujer muerta (dead woman) from which the afar mountain takes shape and name. At the plaza mayor we took a group picture and tasted the delicious and warming flavour of the Segovian traditional sweets.

After many selfies and videos, we kept on walking until we got to the Alcazar. Once inside we learned how the kings and queens of the medieval ages used to live (what a small bed they used to sleep in!). Once the tour guides left, we walked back to the plaza and there the students enjoyed a few hours of free time to have their lunch and explore the city.

Some preferred to walk around the city and enjoy the views while others spent their time tasting the amazing tapas you can find in Segovia. Around midday, we departed to Ávila. Once there, we climbed up on top of the high walls and walked around while the mentors explained the importance of the city and its wall. After visiting the city, some students tried the infamous yemas de Ávila, a traditional sweet made out of flour, sugar, and raw egg yolk.

Poor Dani bought a whole box of yemas before trying them and guess what - he didn’t really like the taste of it! Sadly enough, by the time everyone finished their shopping it was already time to leave.

Until next time!!

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