Seeing Segovia!

July 9, 2018

Language: Spanish

Location: Salamanca

Daily Schedule:

8:30am Bus departs

11:00-1:30pm Guided Tour of Alcazar & Tower

1:30-2:30pm Lunch

2:30-3:30 pm Old Town Shopping

4:00-7:00pm Visit to La Granja Gardens & Fountains

8:30pm Arrive in Salamanca

What the Salamanca Academy did:

During Saturday afternoon the students were gifted with their first field trip to the city of Segovia—a place with much historical value and mixture of different cultures. Upon arrival they met their guide who educated them on one of the monuments of the city—the famous Roman aqueduct.

Afterwards the guide took the students on a walking tour of the city giving them information on the city’s past as well as some of Spains rich history as a country. They saw many different sites that hold significance for the people of Segovia.

The Alcazar was the final stop of the tour where students enjoyed exploring the old castle of one of Spains many kings. La Granja gardens was the last leg of the trip and possibly the most fun and crucial given the heat. The students were in awe as they visited each of the gardens most well-known fountains for a bit of a water show. And more importantly a nice, well earned cool down from water reaching incredible heights into the air. Thus concluded their weekend adventure and once arriving back in Salamanca they could finally rest.

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