Rainy Days Call For Cultural Exploration

June 29, 2017


Greetings from Saint Michael’s! Our sunny skies quickly turned cloudy today, but that did not dampen (pun intended!) the students’ spirits. Though it may have been dull outside, every Arabic and Spanish classroom was filled with bright colors and vibrant chatter thanks to the students’ CE projects.


First stop: Telenovelas! This CE group finished up their scripts and started filming their telenovelas today. Complete with costumes, props, and a fair share of dramatic dialogue, these Spanish students are on their way to a tear-jerking and laughter-inducing final product.


Next up, the Spanish CE studying and researching the Mayans. Today, they used Mayan hieroglyphs as inspiration for bookmarks and other handmade art. Students used glue and thin string to make 3-D hieroglyphs on their bookmarks.


In “Expedicionarios y arte del Latinoamérica” students were busy making their final art pieces for their chosen “paisaje” (landscape). From Buenos Aires to Machu Picchu to the Blue Hole, each student had chosen a unique location. Students were then free to draw, paint, or model their landscape in clay or play-dough.


Down the hall, students in “la cinema” CE watched films and practiced their preterite tense conjugations. Other students in “La Merienda del Domingo” CE were busy handwriting recipes for their banana dishes. There was even a CE who was building their own pinatas based on a verbal Spanish tutorial. Students also had the chance to make huge pinwheels from brightly colored paper. Overall, today was a very colorful day in the Spanish Academy!


Today was just as busy for the Arabic Academy students. The Music CE spent their time rehearsing  a song by the Lebanese singer, Fairouz called "Habaytek BiSayf," which translates to, I loved you in the summer. Students brought out their guitars, drums, and even a violin to play and sing in unison. Their instructor Caroline told me “In short, they were amazing” and after seeing them rehearse myself, I couldn’t agree more!


In the “Survival Arabic” CE taught by Tegwa and Arabic Assistant LD Courtney, students were abuzz with conversation. They chatted and exchanged critical vocab words over open dictionaries, notepads, and assortments of colorful flashcards.

Arabic students concluded their day with a "tea time" (Café Arabiyya) this evening. 


It is hard to believe, but we are fast approaching the end of our first week here at SMC. As the academic week comes to a close, we have a set of great blogs coming your way. Check in again tomorrow for an interview with Arabic LD Khalid, calling home tips from Spanish LD Clara, and an update on students’ progress through their curriculum.


As always, check out our Facebook page for a complete photo album from today! 

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