A Look at Beijing's History

July 11, 2018

Language: Chinese

Location: Beijing

Daily Schedule:

8:00-8:25 Morning Assembly

8:30-9:20 Breakfast

9:30-10:20 Class Block 1

10:30-11:20 Class Block 2

11:30-12:20 Class Block 3

12:30-2:00 Lunch

2:30-5:30 Beijing City Planning Museum

5:30-7:15 Dinner

7:15-8:05 Cultural Exploration Classes

8:30 -9:20 Study Hall

9:30-10:30 Check In

What the Beijing Academy did today:

On Wednesday, we headed to lunch lead my RAs to restaurants near campus. Afterwards, we spent the afternoon near Tiananmen Square at the Beijing City Planning Museum. The museum detailed Beijing's history and development since the early 1900s with intuitive exhibits. Students got the opportunity to practice reading formal written Chinese. For many students, phone dictionaries were out for much of the visit to read new words. 

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