Latino Dancing and Graffiti Tour

June 30, 2017

In addition to the historic and monumental Salamanca well-known to tourists, there is another facet of the city less known and more linked to citizens, neighborhood life and social life. Using the West District of Salamanca as an example, the students in Carmen Quijada’s cultural exploration class have learned how cities can be regenerated through art. They have discovered the different types of urban arts that exist. In particular, they have deepened their understanding of graffiti as a mode of aesthetic expression, thought and social demands by taking an in depth tour of El Barrio Oeste, famous for its many graffiti murals. Tomorrow, in small groups, students will create graffiti murals of their own to display on the patio walls at the school.

In the afternoon, students enjoyed a private group lesson in Latino dancing at studio “Javi Jenny Fusión.” Instructors Javi and Jenny taught students the basic steps to salsa, bachata, and mambo before teaching them a choreographed dance to the recent Latino hit “Despacito.” The students had a blast! And as luck would have it, walking home from the dance lesson, students passed a plaza where a stage was set up and “Despacito” came on over the loudspeakers. A group of students - excited to show off their new dance skills -  got up on stage and performed for the small crowd of locals!

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