The Language Pledge® and Classes Start!

June 29, 2016

Today is the first full day that members of the Academy will be in their target languages, as they have all agreed to The Language Pledge®, which binds them to no longer use English as a form of communication. Most students seem to be both excited and nervous about their journey ahead, as it will be extremely rewarding as well as challenging.

The full-immersion experience at Middlebury Interactive Language Academy is what makes it an entirely unique and a very valuable experience for language learners of all levels. Learning at the Summer Academy does not stop when the students leave the classroom, as they continue to put into use these lessons throughout their daily activities. This process of immediate and continual practice allows for optimal language acquisition and oftentimes in this full immersion setting students soon report that they are beginning to think and even dream in their target language! The Language Pledge® Ceremonies took place this evening as well, which officially binds students to their target language. (For more information about The Language Pledge® please click here or here). 

Classes also began today and the Academy students had the honor of meeting the incredibly talented group of teachers at the Summer Academy who are experienced in captivating students with many hands-on activities. During class time, students oftentimes learn from their fellow peers while working on group projects and talking amongst each other. Activities and games such as Pictionary, charades and poster-making are utilized to create lessons in which the students are interested and fully engaged in their own learning.

Today was quite the eventful day and everyone is thoroughly looking forward to the next few weeks filled with many more fun activities and classes!