Granada's Newest Tour Guides

Saturday's activities prepare students to navigate through Granada with confidence

July 2, 2017

     The first day of July began with thirty minutes of extra time to sleep after a late night at Flamenco. After breakfast, groups explored many major landmarks in Granada, each tour lead by two guides from Louis’ level 4 Spanish class. The guides have spent the past week learning about all thirteen stops and creating guides to the city. It was a pleasure to see students presenting about the places that represent their new home. The stops included Puerta de Elvira, the original entrance to the city, el Mirador de San Nicolás, and a local market in Plaza Larga. This tour was a great introduction to the city as the students spent the afternoon exploring independently during their free time. Excited to showcase their new knowledge of the city, students navigated the streets of Granada, taking full advantage of the summer sales and trying traditional Spanish cuisine at many local restaurants.  A Latin dance class and a night-time sports tournament concluded another eventful day here in Granada.  

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