Granada: Trip to Malaga and Other Weekend Festivities

July 15, 2018
We had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend with the Granada group. On Saturday, we took a day trip down to the coastal town of Malaga! In the morning the groups went on walks around the city, visiting the cathedral, some Roman ruins, and the market, then the students had free time to explore, go shopping, and grab a bite to eat. Afterwards a small group of students chose to go to the Picasso Museum in the city for a few hours (Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga!) where they saw an excellent Andy Warhol exhibit, and the rest of the group spent the afternoon on the beach. We played volleyball and paddle, swam in the Mediterranean, and enjoyed the Spanish sunshine on our last Saturday in beautiful Andalusia.

On Sunday the students had the option to go out for a run or do yoga before breakfast, and in the morning they had a scavenger hunt throughout the city. After a delicious paella lunch, the RAs planned a surprise water fight! The students battled it out on the patio with water balloons and buckets of water-a great way to cool off on this hot July afternoon! In the evening students participated in a number of activities, such as watching the World Cup final, a cooking class, and walks to beautiful locations around the city...what a weekend!