Granada: Trip to La Alhambra

Students tour the magnificent Alhambra!

July 10, 2017

    During the Alhambra excursion, students were guided by art history extraordinaires through the palaces (Palacios Nazaries), fortresses (Alcazaba), and vacation homes (Generalife) of the magnificent city built during the 13-15th centuries. I had the pleasure of being in Yolanda’s group, who spoke to the students last week about using one’s senses in The Alhambra. Describing the wall art, Yolanda said that, “the Alhambra is like a book.” The art decorating every wall in The Alhambra explains the history of Granada, as well as the families who lived there.  

     On Sunday afternoon, students enjoyed an extended siesta and watched Moana in Spanish.  The rest of the afternoon featured a sports tournament, board games, and a Salsa class. Students got a taste of home with a hot dog dinner and an hour to call friends and family to conclude week #2 here in Granada.  

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