Granada: Student Role Models

Students have their last Language Pledge/ Awards ceremony to end Week 3

July 15, 2017

           I can’t believe it, but one week from today we will all be back home. Time flies when you’re having fun!  For their last day in this week’s CE sections, Luis’ class created an array of Pre-Colombian arts and crafts including drawings, medallions, and god’s eyes. After comida, we celebrated not one, but two birthdays by singing and eating delicious local cakes! Happy Birthday, Zainab and Christina! Students spent the afternoon exploring the city in small groups and many chose to cool off with some gelato or even frappuccino’s, as my group did.

            After time to explore, Chema led an assembly where Spanish classes presented what they have learned about Spanish cuisine this week. Presentations included games, music videos, and even an original song! See what Montse’s class created here:  After the exciting presentations, Chema awarded 6 students (Michael D., Sophia L., Kate G-W., Elizabeth D., Grace C., and James S.) for their effort in and out of the classroom, 8 students (Sam, Constantine, Jasper, Max, Zainab, Cristina, Monet, Leah) for being outstanding representations of the program, and 5 more students (Emma, Molly, Max, Meghan, and Zainab) were inducted into the “Blue Club” and were awarded the sought-after blue wristband for their commitment to speaking Spanish.  We are so honored to have all of you in our program; keep up the great work! After reciting the Language Pledge for the last time, students couldn’t wait for dinner after so many wonderful, mouth-watering presentations about Spanish food. Students had options of a relaxing evening yoga class of a Spanish screening of “Zootopia” on the patio.  We are off to the beach in Malaga today (Saturday), so stay tuned for the weekend update which will be posted on Monday! 

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