Granada: Soaking It All In

Students spend the afternoon at the pool soaking in the sun and the last moments together!

July 20, 2017

     Luis’ class spent this Wednesday morning interviewing locals in the city about Spanish celebrities, but the celebrity on campus today was Constantine because it was his birthday! Happy Birthday Constantine!  After more one-on-one meetings with teachers and surveys to reflect on their time here, students spent the afternoon at the pool! It was a beautiful day to soak in the sunshine and the company of this amazing group. For those who didn’t want to go to the pool, Mario and Lorena led excursions to Huera de San Vicente (a house museam of Federico Garcia Lorca), the cathedral, and a local graffiti exhibit.  Everyone was back together for dinner and final phone time before everyone gets their phones back for good.  One more full, fun day to go! 

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