Granada: Setting High Standards

Six students are recognised for their exceptional work in the first full week in Granada, and Cultural visits and hikes take students to new heights!

July 3, 2017

    A thrilling game of “Pato Pato Ganso” or “Duck Duck Goose” got the students energized and ready to begin a new day in Granada on Sunday.  Students then proceeded to language classes and their last day of CE classes. Concha’s poetry class spent their last day presenting their original Spanish poems to the class.  After comida, it was time to celebrate Ryan Garland’s 18th birthday with singing and a cake! Happy Birthday, Ryan!   

    To begin the afternoon, students proceeded to a meeting where Chema Ruíz, the director of MIL Granada, reinforced the values of MMLA and the importance of the language pledge as week 1 came to a close.  Students proceeded to recite the language pledge, vowing to only speak in Spanish and to help one another achieve this goal.  The meeting also included an awards ceremony, where six students were acknowledged for their exceptional efforts this first week in Granada. We are proud to announce that the six students given awards were: Kieran Rudar, Josephine G-W, Kennedy Smith, Samuel Levine, Kyra Leland, and Maxuel Flora. Congratulations!!! Students spent the remainder of the afternoon on cultural visits across Granada which included hikes and visits to local art exhibits.  My group, lead by the director of IES Abroad, Javier Martínez de Velasco, hiked for a full three hours throughout parts of La Alhambra to a lookout called Silla del Moro. The views were breathtaking (as was the hike), which made the pizza dinner even more delicious. Students ended the night with a highly anticipated hour of phone time to update families and friends on a successful first week in Granada.


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