Granada: Reciting Recipies in Montse's Spanish Class

Montse's Level 3 Spanish class focuses on the "Can Do" Statement: “I can describe the preparation of a typical dish from the host country.”

July 11, 2017

     Full Spanish immersion wouldn’t be complete without an understanding of and appreciation for Spanish cuisine of course!  Montse’s Level 3 Spanish class is focusing in on delicious Spanish foods and recipes this week.  With the “Can Do” statement, “I can describe the preparation of a typical dish from the host country” guiding their class, students researched traditional Spanish recipes and picked one to indulge in even more. After researching traditional Spanish food, students presented their own favorite recipes to the class with ingredients, specific amounts, and step by step directions on how to prepare their chosen meals.  This was not only a beneficial activity to practice Spanish commands, but it also got everyone hungry for snack time after class.

     Montse was born in Barcelona, but claims she is, “granadina de corazón” or “from Granada in her heart.”  Her love of Granada (and Spanish cuisine) makes learning Spanish even more appetizing to her students. Montse teaches at IES Abroad Granada during the year, enjoys traveling and learning all over the world, and of course, Montse loves spending her summers teaching at MIL Granada. 

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