Granada: Pool and Pre-Weekend Activities

July 6, 2018
The students started off their Friday with some morning assembly dancing then headed off to class. I stopped in Maria´s class, where the students were learning about different types of transportation in Granada, and Nuria´s class, where the task of the day was to write and later act out a role play. I later caught up with Nuria and Pilar´s students down in the city center where they were busy interacting with locals! In the last block of classes, each student had a one-on-one interview with their respective teacher to discuss their progress thus far in the program.

Then after lunch we went to the pool! It was a beautiful day to get some sun, and the kids enjoyed swimming and laying out. After dinner, students had a variety of options of things to do. Some chose to watch the World Cup with RA Lucas, some stayed back and played soccer, and others went out for a walk in the neighborhood (and some ice cream of course). But they've got to rest up-we've got a fun-filled weekend ahead of us!