Granada: New Week, New Leadership

Students elect 8 classmates to serve on Student Council!

July 4, 2017

     Our second week has begun! Monday’s assembly started with a ceremony celebrating our official MIL Granada Student Council! Each residential group nominated one person to represent their group, and we are excited to announce that this summer’s eight representatives are: Zainab Antepli, Victor Alhadeff, Cristina Escajadillo, Monet Murphy, Leah Shaw, Jasper Tangchitsum, Constantine Tsibouris, and Samuel Levine.  The student council went right to work at breakfast, where they had their first meeting with faculty advisors Chema, Alba, Jenny, and Leti discussing ideas regarding ways to make classes more engaging and interactive. 

     After a morning full of classes, students spent the afternoon in workshops including mask-making, cooking, and mosaic design. Then, RAs led the next set of activities ranging from dance with Alba to cross-fit with Alex. An outing to gelato ended the night on a sweet note! 

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