Granada: Let the day begin… with a dance!

Students begin their first full day of Spanish immersion with a dance and end with a sunset yoga class... with some Spanish in between of course!

June 28, 2017

To begin our second morning in Granada, students wrote letters to themselves which they will receive at the end of the program. In these letters, students answered questions regarding why they were here, why they wanted to learn Spanish, and what goals they had for themselves linguistically. The activity concluded with another impressive dance lead by the RA team to get the students and faculty excited for the first day of classes.  Students had their language class and Spanish cultural exploration classes including topics such as ceramics, poetry, dance, and art for social change before enjoying a well-deserved comida.  After resting, students and their RA's explored the wonders of Granada including local parks, stores, and restaurants featuring churros and gelato.  It was a relatively cool day, so the sun was welcome and made for an enjoyable time to bond, explore, and of course, speak Spanish! After dinner, students participated in either sports or a sunset yoga class to relax and reflect on their first full day of Spanish immersion, while learning some valuable vocabulary in the process. To end, students were asked to take a mental picture of the beautiful Alhambra, an image arguably more valuable than a physical one.

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Granada: !From English a Español!