Granada: Hasta La Próxima Vez

Students spend their last day in Granada filming an epic music video and celebrating a wonderful month at the farewell ceremony

July 21, 2017

     Our last day in Granada was off to an energetic start as we filmed a program-wide music video or “lip dub” to the song “Vivir Mi Vida.” Watch the video on our Facebook page and here: We also celebrated Meghan’s Birthday with singing and confetti!  For the final day of classes in the city, Carmen and Montse’s classes enjoyed snacks and tea at local restaurants in the city. After comida, students spent time packing their suitcases before enjoying a few final hours of exploration time in Granada.  Then, we had our closing ceremony where students watched a slideshow of highlights from the past month at MIL Granada, received their diplomas, and heard some of their peers sing and speak about the past four weeks together.  Then, everyone celebrated together at a farewell party at a local restaurant overlooking the special city we now call home.  Watch videos from the closing ceremony here:


Sam’s speech: 

Kaitlyn’s singing:

     And that just about does it for this summer’s blog at MIL Granada. Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading this blog.  If it weren’t for you, this job wouldn’t exist, and I am grateful every day that it is. Even though the magic of being here is many times hard to capture in a photo or put into words, I hope you have enjoyed these updates as much as I enjoyed working here and learning from this incredible group of people that have made this summer at MIL Granada so amazing.

      Students and faculty inspired me every day here, and it has truly been an honor to work alongside such talented, determined, and passionate people. Simply put, I am envious that these students are committing to the Spanish language and experiencing another culture years before I ever did.  I couldn’t be more proud of the students who have just completed living in Spain, studying, and speaking only Spanish for an entire month (and they’re still in high school!).  As we all head off in different directions, I am confident that these students will bring their MIL experiences and a little piece of Granada with them wherever they go. The world is simply a better place with them in it.

Hasta la próxima vez,


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