Granada: Friday is for Fans and Flamenco

July 2, 2017

     On Friday students spent the first part of the morning learning Spanish and the second part learning Arabic! Indalecio Lozano, a teacher at The University of Granada and IES, traced Spanish words back to their Arabic roots as a way to inform students about the history of Granada and its Moorish influences.  For example, “hambra” in Arabic means red, explaining the red color of the historic city we see every day, La Alhambra. After comida, students spent the afternoon watching Spanish television, writing in their journals, and getting ice cream with their RA groups.  Another round of workshops began, this time featuring board games, t-shirt making, and fan making!  Students and faculty then got dressed up for a Flamenco show in Sacromonte where everyone enjoyed a night of traditional Spanish singing.  

See "Granada's Newest Tour Guides" for Saturday's report. 

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