Granada: Flamenco and Field Trips

Tuesday's highlights include classes in the city, a flamenco workshop, and a "Blue Club" field trip to the Museum of Science!

July 19, 2017

     Student council began this Tuesday morning with a breakfast meeting to discuss our final three days left and suggestions for next summer. During class time, I went with Julia's class to a street nearby called Calle de la Calderería Nueva, often referred to as "Little Morocco" in Granada. This street resembles a Moroccan marketplace filled with colorful arts and crafts as well as tea houses or "teterías". Here, students asked questions to shopkeepers about their merchandise as well as the Islamic influences on art and culture in Granada.  Carmen and Luis' classes also explored Granada during class time with visits to local flamenco venues and stores.  After classes, Yolanda Matarán  taught students about the art of flamenco and about the importance of body language.  Students learned how to clap the rhythm of "Bulerías", and Andrew and Mario even rapped to classic flamenco beats.

     Students spent the afternoon in the city during exploration time as they do their best to soak in their final few days in Granada.  The oldest age group (students born in 1999 and 2000) has been gaining privileges over the past week, and got to explore the city in small groups for the afternoon as well as dinner! The "Blue Club" had a special excursion with Chema to the Museum of Science, as a reward for their effort and commitment for always speaking Spanish.  Yoga and cooking classes were options for evening activities before a yummy dinner. 

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