Granada: Establishing a sense of place through our senses

Students immerse themselves Spanish language and culture as classes continue and workshops begin!    

June 29, 2017

     Laughter filled morning assembly as students learned and acted out common Spanish phrases taught by the RA team. Spanish and cultural exploration (CE) classes are in full swing as students build on their confidence speaking both inside and outside of the classroom.  In Julia's CE class about experiencing a new place through one's senses, students sat outside and wrote about the various sounds around them. In Antonio's comic class, students interpreted Spanish comics using the illustrations and expressions only. Providing a nice balance to Spanish language classes, these cultural exploration classes allow students to experience Spanish immersion beyond words.  Stay tuned for more information about each cultural exploration class in upcoming posts. 

         Following comida and time to rest, students made posters with their RA groups to decorate the halls of their new homes for the next month. Posters included phrases reminding students to turn off lights, always speak in Spanish, and use new vocabulary.  The fun continued throughout the afternoon in workshops called "talleres" which included belly dancing, ceramics, fan making, chess, henna, and juggling.  These workshops were filled with energy and enthusiasm as students bonded with each other and faculty outside the classroom, while learning valuable vocabulary along the way.  We then walked around the Albaicín in RA groups for some refreshing gelato at my favorite lookout in Granada, el Mirador de San Nicolás. After dinner, students were allowed access to the cell phones for an hour, calling home and connecting with loved ones. While this screen time is valuable, it has been a pleasure to see the students "disconnect to reconnect", a phrase commonly used at my summer camp.  That being said, I hope you have enjoyed these posts, and I look forward to sharing more with you over the next month!  

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