Granada: !From English a Español!

Our first full day in Granada

June 27, 2017

After a long and successful day of travel on Sunday, our first day here in Granada on Monday began on an energetic note with a dance guided by the residential advisors (RAs). Each RA then guided his/her group of 10-15 students through the beautiful winding streets of Granada to explore a nearby cathedral and their new neighborhood, el Albaicín.  Comida, the main meal of the day in Spain around 3pm, was full of energy as it was the last time everyone would be together speaking English! After a short safety talk and time to rest, everyone got dressed up and participated in the highly anticipated Language Pledge Ceremony. Students and faculty pledged to only speak in Spanish for the entire month and abide by the values of MIL.  The pledge was finalized by everyone signing their name and celebrating with a dinner reception featuring traditional Spanish food and refreshing drinks on the rooftop terrace at Hotel Carmen.