Granada: Day Trip to Malaga!

Students spend Saturday cooling off at the beach in Malaga and Sunday exploring Granada!

July 17, 2017

     A cloudy, cool Saturday morning was perfect weather for exploring the big city of Malaga! Students were led by our fabulous guides, Chema, Alba, Mario, Javier, and Lorena to four famous landmarks including the Roman theater ruins and Alcazaba, the cathedral, a local produce market, and the marina for lunch.  After touring the city, students got over an hour to explore in small groups. Some students went to the contemporary art museum, while others wandered the busy streets of Malaga shopping and tasting new foods. After exploring the city, it was off to the beach for the afternoon! The clouds magically disappeared just in time for a beautiful sunny afternoon of swimming, relaxing, and playing beach games. Offering an alternative option away from the sun for the afternoon, Chema, Mario, and Lorena took a group of students to visit to the Automobile Museum and The Russian Art Museum in Malaga. After a picnic on the beach all together, we boarded the bus back to Granada after a successful day in Malaga.

     Students enjoyed an extra hour to sleep in and an optional yoga class to start our last Sunday here in Spain!  Students spent the morning on a scavenger hunt around the city where they had to take photos and videos at over 15 famous landmarks and plazas.  After comida and siesta, students were back in the city exploring in small groups. Then in the evening, students got their phones and connected with family and friends, many of whom they will be reuniting with in less than one week!  


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