Granada: Day trip to the Beach!

July 4th in Frigiliana and Nerja

July 5, 2017

     This 4th of July, students enjoyed an exhilarating day trip to Frigiliana and Nerja in the Costa del Sol!  Boasting beautiful white buildings nestled within mountains, Frigiliana was an exciting first stop where students explored beautiful lookout points, local churches, shops, and restaurants. After lunch in the shade, we then explored the impressive caves of Nerja. Students learned about the history and formation of the caves through audio guides while taking in the incredible scenery.  Then, it was off to the beach for the afternoon! From 4 -9pm, students soaked in the sun and swam in the sea at one of Spain’s most beautiful beaches in Nerja. Students also had the option of exploring the town center of Nerja, where they could buy gelato and snacks before a picnic dinner on the beach. As a tribute to the U.S. holiday, students were given a full hour to speak English on the beach!  It was a great day to celebrate not only the 4th of July, but also Austin and Antonio’s birthdays as well!  The bus ride home was a quiet one as students slept after an adventurous day of travel, exploration, and relaxation. 

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