Granada: Dancing in the Rain

Javier leads an improvisation workshop and RA groups dress up in costumes and dance the night away

July 7, 2017

     After a morning full of classes, students enjoyed another round of workshops to begin the afternoon.  This time, Javier led a workshop on improvisation which was full of laughter.  In one game, Javier gave a title which the students had to recreate in one pose. In the next game, one student explained an animal in a made-up language while their partner had to “translate” their descriptions into Spanish. The energy flowed into the night for our exciting costume party and dance competition.  Each RA group has been practicing all week and preparing costumes and choreography for the big show. You can see video clips of each dance here: . The faculty panel of judges (Mario, Lorena, Javier, Jenny, and Chema) couldn’t decide on a winner, so Jessica and Alba’s groups had a dance battle to end the contest. While the dancing was too fierce to decide on one winner, the dance battle was a success as it grew until everyone was dancing and was only intensified when it started to rain. Students and faculty danced the night away, soaking in the rain and the company of such a lively group.    

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