Granada: Costume Party and Talent Show

July 5, 2018
On Thursday the students had some great classes! Maria´s class went to Palacio Carlos V, practicing the subjunctive by describing the visit, while Pilar´s class practiced job interviews, Jose´s class learned how to write letters in Spanish, and Celia´s class finished up their projects about environmental issues in Spain. In the afternoon the groups participated in a wide variety of workshops. I attended the ceramics workshop, where we learned how to make “azulejos”, the ceramic tiles typical of this region of Spain. Other groups learned percussion techniques, did hennah, went on an ´´indie tour´´of the city, and spray painted graffiti!

This evening, we had a costume party! Each residential group had a theme: the boys were rappers, Angela’s group dressed up as grandmas, Cova’s as beach bums, Laura’s as hula girls, Carmen’s as Kinder Eggs, and Paula’s as belly dancers. We had an awesome talent show, full of rap, singing, and dancing, and Paula’s group “Las Patatas” won a churro breakfast for their impressive Shakira dance! After the talent show, we learned bachata from our wonderful instructor Javi. What an awesome evening!