Granada: Ceramics and Celebrations

Take a look into what students are doing here at MIL Granada from ceramics to celebrating with local Spanish students!

June 30, 2017

      A fun game of scattergories started this beautiful Thursday morning off on an energetic note! We then sang Happy Birthday to not one, but two students. Happy Birthday Jasper and Garret!  Students dove into another morning of classes, and I checked in with Montse’s Ceramics class, one of our Cultural Exploration (CE) courses.

      For those of you who don’t know, ceramic artwork can be found in almost every corner of Granada. Exemplifying Moorish influence and exhibiting complex designs, each piece invites the viewer to create their own interpretation of the artwork.  Students taught me that symbols found in ceramics across Granada can be very useful to understand Granada's history and values. For example, a bird in flight, symbolizes one's spiritual journey in search of God. Most commonly painted with blues and greens, the most common symbol featured in ceramics across Granada is the pomegranate, the English translation of Granada.  This week, Montse's CE class enthusiastically participates in this local tradition of ceramic making and decorating, while incorporating their new knowledge of art history in Spain. 

       The afternoon began with half of the students creating their own journals and the other half eating ice cream in town with the RA team! Students are encouraged and allotted time in our weekly schedule to journal and reflect about their experiences here (in Spanish of course)! Then, students spent the remainder of the afternoon decorating the patio for our party with local Spanish students. Dinner was held on the main patio and students played games, danced, and made new Spanish friends. The dance taught by the RA team on the first day proved extremely useful when the song “El Taxi” played. Students and RAs alike gathered on the makeshift dancefloor and showed off their incredible dance moves. A video of this dance along with other photos and updates can be found on our Facebook page: 

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